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Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 Smart Cooker

Instant Pot is the world’s No. 1 selling smart multi-cooker. The new Duo Plus is a 9 in 1 cooker, which adds Sous Vide and Sterilize functions to the original pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice maker, steamer, sauté pan, food warmer and yoghurt maker functions. Advanced microprocessor technology and one-touch controls ensure perfect results every time and even remembers the way you cook. Duo Plus also features the upgraded Easy Seal lid, LCD digital screen, additional smart programs for cake and eggs, plus a spare sealing ring.

Available sizes: 6L

The Duo Plus is the latest evolution in the Instant Pot smart cooker range. It is a 9-in-1 smart cooker that combines a Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Sous Vide, Sauté Pan, Steamer, Sterilizer and Food Warmer into one brilliant appliance. There are additional smart programs for Cake, Eggs, and Sterilizing. Plus, the advanced Sous Vide feature converts the Instant Pot into a precision cooker – allowing you to select your cooking temperature by degree. Sous Vide is legendary for cooking exquisite steaks with edge to edge perfection, the tenderest chicken, fish or seafood and the most vibrant, flavourful vegetables you’ve ever tasted! So now you can amaze your guests and family with gourmet cooking that is usually only served in fine dining restaurants.

Upgraded Easy-seal Lid & Control Panel
The Duo Plus includes the Easy-Seal lid for maximum safety and convenience. This lid seals automatically when closed and releases steam with a touch of a button. The large, vivid blue, user-friendly LCD digital display features progress indicators, so you can track your cooking program more effectively. There are now eleven safety features to ensure maximum peace of mind.

New Smart Programs
The new Cake program is designed to create beautifully moist cakes. While the Egg program cooks perfect hard, medium or soft eggs in just a few minutes. You can also sterilize baby bottles, dummies and toys with the Sterilize program – ideal for new parents! Plus, prepare jars for canning and even pasteurize milk.

Introducing Sous Vide
The ultimate kitchen game changer! This low-temperature cooking method is used by professional chefs around the world to cook food to perfection. Now you can achieve results that are simply not possible with traditional cooking methods. Sous Vide cooking ensures enhanced flavours (ingredients cook in their own juices), it is healthier (less salt/fat required and more vitamins/minerals retained) and you can cook any ingredient perfectly every time (meat is tender and moist, while vegetables retain their crunch and colour).

Extra Sealing Ring Included
We have included an extra sealing ring with the Duo Plus so you can have one for savoury and one for sweet foods – to prevent odour transfer.


The Instant Pot Duo Plus is developed with the latest 3rd generation technology and an embedded microprocessor which monitors the pressure and temperature, keeps time, and adjusts heating intensity and duration during the cooking process.

  • Smart cooker that combines 9 kitchen appliances in 1: Pressure Cooker, Sous Vide, Sauté Pan, Slow Cooker, Rice/Grain Cooker, Food Warmer, Yogurt Maker, Steamer and Steriliser
  • Cooking programs create healthy and delicious meals in a fraction of the time — cook meals up to 70% faster
  • Advanced microprocessor continuously monitors temperature and pressure, keeps time, and adjusts heating intensity and duration to achieve desired results
  • Choose from 15 smart programs — Soup/Broth, Meat/Stew, Bean/Grain, Cake, Egg, Sous Vide, Slow Cook, Sauté/Searing, Rice, Porridge/Oatmeal, Steam, Sterilise, Yoghurt, Keep Warm, and Pressure Cook
  • Easy-Seal lid seals automatically once closed and release steam with the touch of a button
  • Large LCD digital display features cooking program progress indicators
  • Features a high-quality stainless steel inner pot with 3-ply bottom for even heat distribution, which allows for healthier cooking and is extremely durable — no harmful chemical coating and won’t scratch or peel
  • Download the free Instant Pot recipe app for hundreds of recipes, reviews and tips or visit www.instantpot.co.za
  • Sous Vide program allows you to select your cooking temperature by degree, as well as the duration of the program (smart sensors maintain this temperature within a tight range)
  • New Cake & Egg one-touch program for easy baking and perfect eggs
  • Easy-Sterilise feature for cleaning and sanitising baby bottles, canning equipment and more
  • Replaces your sauté pan with 3 adjustable heat modes for searing, browning or simmering
  • Fully automatic rice program adjusts time according to rice quantity
  • Converts to a slow cooker with low, medium and high programs
  • Power steam program locks in maximum flavour and nutrients
  • Yoghurt program pasteurises milk making delicious fresh yoghurt
  • Comes with dual pressure settings (high and low) and can pressure cook for up to 4 hours
  • Features the ability to adjust cooking programs while in use
  • Comes with a quiet mode and Auto Keep Warm mode that keeps food at the perfect temperature until you are ready to eat
  • 24-hour delay start allows for delayed cooking
  • Safety system offers ultimate protection with 11 proven safety mechanisms and patented technologies
  • Comes with a stainless steel steam rack with handles
  • Pot is easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Lid holder designed for right and left-handed users

What’s in the box

  • 6 litre cooker with stainless steel inner pot
  • Extra sealing ring
  • Stainless steel steam rack with handles
  • Condensation collector
  • Getting started guide
  • Safety, maintenance and warranty manual
  • Detachable power cord

Warranty Info

  • This product comes with a 1 year warranty (for home use only)
33cm H x 31cm L x 32cm D
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