Alva 3 Panel Black Gas Heater – GH312




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Alva – 3 Panel Luxurious Infrared Radiant Indoor Heater

Alva – 3 Panel Luxurious Infrared Radiant Indoor Heater

Easy to install the warm radiant heater. With the built-in tilt function. Includes an on & off switch

– Easy to install
– Warm radiant heat
– Tilt function
– On and off switch
– Uses 9kg cylinder (excluded)
– Product to be assembled

– Colour: Black
– Material: Metal
– Dimensions: 71.5 x 31.5 x 42.5cm
– Weight: 10.5kg
– Warranty: 24 Months

CAUSE: Combustion
REMEDY: N/A – The combustion process will always cause an odour

TROUBLE: Strong odour
CAUSE: Incorrect gas mixture, Unburned gas leak
REMEDY: Obtain LPG only from reputable LPG dealers, Perform a leak test, Always ensure there is proper ventilation

TROUBLE: Burns then dies
CAUSE: Over-filled cylinder, Ventilation, Empty cylinder
REMEDY: Return to gas supplier, Make sure the room has adequate, ventilation, Replace with a full cylinder

TROUBLE: Heater does not light up
CAUSE: Empty cylinder, No gas flow
REMEDY: Replace with a full cylinder, Open cylinder valve

Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Why must there be ventilation when using a gas heater?
A:  Whenever fuel (LP Gas in this case) is burned, ventilation is needed. Any fire needs oxygen to burn.  Think of a fireplace, you require a chimney or flue for the smoke to exit the house. Even though a gas heater does not generate smoke, it still generates carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, which can be dangerous if not diluted by fresh air. Always ensure adequate ventilation by leaving a door or window open in the same room.

Q:  When I open a door or window for ventilation won’t I get cold?
A:  The Alva GH312 is an infrared radiant gas heater. Infrared heaters heat objects as well as the air. This means, that even though you have cooler air coming into your room, the infrared heater will warm the room and make sure that you do not feel the cold.
Q:  What do I do if I have an over-filled cylinder?
A: The best method to determine if your cylinder is over-filled is to weigh it. Subtract the ‘tare’ mass from the cylinder weight – this gives you the weight of your gas.  If this gas weight exceeds your cylinder design weight (9kg) then return the cylinder to your gas supplier.
Q:  Why is there an odour when I used a gas heater?
A: All gas appliances give off an odour.  This could be harmful if inhaled or extended periods of time.
This “smell” is normal, and it does not mean that you have a gas leak.  The smell of raw gas
(just before you ignite the appliance) differs from the smell coming from the heater when it is in use.
The odour is added to allow easy gas detection.
Q:  How long will the gas in my cylinder last?
A:  This depends on how you use your heater. It is easy to calculate your gas consumption. Take the capacity of the gas cylinder in grams (i.e. 9000g for a 9kg cylinder) and divide it by the gas consumption of the heater, on your desired setting (refer to the Specifications section in this manual (page 13). The answer to the calculation is the approximate number of hours that your heater will burn for.
Q: I just took my heater from storage, but there seems to be a blue flame rolling on the panels. Is my heater faulty?
A:  It is normal for the dust to settle on the panel. When this happens, the heater will not burn properly at first, giving the appearance of a blue flame running on the panel.  This might happen when you first buy the unit after you have stored it. There is nothing wrong with the heater.  Simply burn the dust off the panels by letting the heater run on ‘Position 3’ for between 5 and 15 minutes.  The panels should eventually settle and burn red.
What’s in the box
x 1 Gas Heater
x 1 Hose
x 1 Regulator