Gemsy Industrial Lock Stitch Direct Drive Machine – GEM8801E




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Gemsy 8801E – Industrial Lock Stitch Direct Drive Machine


  • Single-needle industrial machine Gemsy GEM 8801 E lock-stitch with needle positioning system
  • High-speed multi-purpose machine Gemsy GEM 8801 E is designed for processing of products from light and medium materials. This equipment has a very comfortable design, designed specifically for the mass sewing enterprises.
  • Lockstitch industrial sewing machine Gemsy GEM E 8801 has a handy control panel built into the body and allows the operator to quickly and easily configure it.
  • Gemsy GEM 8801 E is equipped bezremennym (direct) electric drive, whereby production efficiency is improved due to:
  • energy savings up to 75%;
  • a significant reduction of noise and vibration.
  • Also, industrial single-needle machine Gemsy GEM 8801 E lockstitch has improved lubrication system, which increases the wear resistance of all the mechanisms and, consequently, the service life of the equipment

Advantages of industrial machines Gemsy GEM 8801 E:

  • High sewing speed;
  • automatic positioning of the needle;
  • LED lamp to illuminate the field of sewing;
  • improved lubrication system.
  • stitch Length
  • 5 mm
  • The height of the presser foot lift
  • 5.5 / 13 mm
  • sewing speed
  • 5000 stitches / min
  • promotion material
  • with bottom
  • Type single-needle machine
  • with built-in motor
  • Automatic functions
  • with automatic
  • engine type
  • energy saving motor
  • shuttle type
  • standard
  • The number of needles
  • Needle
  • needle positioning
  • automatic
  • Material
  • for light and medium
  • Voltage
  • Built-in light
  • LED
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