One for All LG TV Replacement Remote – URC4911


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LG TV Replacement Remote

URC 4911
  • No setup required
  • Works with all types of LG TVs
  • Learning feature
  • Keys include common LG functions 3 app shortcut keys

Simply insert the batteries and start using your LG TV replacement remote

Ideal replacement for your LG TV remote

Guaranteed to work with 100% of all LG TV models. No setup required for most LG televisions, its keypad includes all common LG functions.

No need to switch between remotes

Control the volume (and mute) of your Sound bar/Audio Receiver thanks to the new Audio Feature, setup the remote to control your TV and Sound bar/ Audio device as if they were one!

Learning feature

Easily use the learning feature to fully customize this remote to your needs, so you will not miss any key!.

Three apps shortcut keys

The LG TV Replacement Remote features 3 handy shortcut keys to your favorite streaming services, you will be just one key press away from Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix or any other online streaming app.

New recyclable green packaging!

We have designed fresh new eco-friendly packaging for our remote controls which is recyclable and 100% free of single use plastics. Let’s make a difference together.

Specifications & details
Product code – URC 4911
Devices – 1
Batteries – 2 x AAA
Learnable / copy functions – Yes
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