Volkano HDMI To HDMI Cable – VK-20019-BK




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  • HDMI Male to HDMI Male cable.
  • Ideal for your Blu-ray player, Fire TV, Apple TV, HDTV, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, AV Receiver, projector; any device which needs a HDMI connection between them to function.
  • A length of 1.5m to reach between devices that are just a bit further apart in your media center.
  • Total plug-and-play. No external power adapter or any other cables are needed.
  • Mirror or extend your device for an expanded view, or show presentations at school or work. Simply use the spare HDMI port in your laptop or desktop to connect to another HDMI enabled display.

Compatible with all HDMI devices, as well as being backward compatible with all previous HDMI standards.

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