Russell Hobbs Double Foldable Hot Mat – RHHMC2




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RHHMC2 Hot Mat Connect

Innovative hot tray at its best, This unit definitely brings the heat with its size! This two plate hot tray has a silicone trim which allows for the unit to be completely folded, saving on that much needed storage space, no need to store the large hot tray in a cupboard any more.

What makes this nifty unit even more innovative, it the ability to connect 5 units to run off of one plug point.


Connection port

Built in connection ports allow you to connect up to 5 units together using one plug point. Perfect for the extra large functions

Silicone Trim

Innovative Silicone trim allows you to fold the unit in half, saving precious storage space.

Temperature indicator

Easy to see LED light highlights the selected temperature of the unit.

  • 240W


  • evenly-distributed and energy-efficient heating


  • A lightweight and easy to store foldable warming tray


  • Two heat settings


  • Offers plenty of space for different sized pots and pans


  • It is equivalent to a mid-size hotplate but uses 10% less space


  • Provides the perfect storage solution when folded


  • Uses MICA heating elements especially designed to give concentrated and even heating throughout the surface


  • Dimensions for single mat: 22.5cm x 22.5cm x 3cm


  • On and off switch


  • Connect up to 5 units
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