Russell Hobbs Futura Filter Coffee Maker – 18663-56




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MODEL NO. 18663-56

18663-56 Russell Hobbs Futura 12 Cup Filter Coffee Maker

Get your ideal coffee fix with this 1.5L Russell Hobbs Filter Coffee Maker. It makes 12 cups in one go with an automatic pause button and anti-drip system that allows serving while your coffee continues to brew.

The transparent water tank and glass carafe guarantees that your morning coffee fix will be fulfilled without any delay. Don’t worry if you’re in a rush, you can still get your deliciously brewed coffee, hassle-free.


Filter Holder Inset

The machine comes with a removable filter holder for easy cleaning.

Hot Plate Inset

It has the ideal hot plate to keep your coffee warm for hours, no need to be late for meetings anymore.

Switch Inset

By just the switch of a button, your coffee will be ready in minutes.

  • 850W
  • 1.5L/ 12 cup capacity
  • Automatic Pause and Anti-drip system allows serving while the machine continues to brew
  • Water tank with visible level indicator
  • Removable filter holder for easy cleaning
  • Hot plate to keep your coffee warm
  • Glass carafe with flip top lid
  • Includes removable permanent filter
  • Easy to clean removable crumb tray
  • 97º brewing temperature
  • Suitable for ground coffee