Russell Hobbs 1.5L Infinity Jug Blender – RHB048



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RHB048 Russell Hobbs Jug Blender

No kitchen is complete without the Russell Hobbs Infinity Jug Blender. The 1.5L glass jug allows you to blend a plentiful amount of ingredients all in one cycle, while the pulse function gives you greater control over the ingredients you are blending. Efficiency and effortlessness has never been this easy to achieve.


Grinder/mill attachment

With the grinder and mill attachment, you can now prepare your own spices without damaging your blender or purchasing an additional mill. Whether it’s grinding coffee beans or making smoothies, your Russell Hobbs Jug Blender can do it all.

1.5L glass jug

This glass jug allows you to make great tasting treats for the whole family. It is also easy to clean, durable and ensures a hassle-free process.

Removable filter cap

The removable filter cap ensures that you can top up as you blend, whether it’s adding more fruits or liquids to your smoothie, your blending process just got more convenient.

  • Bringing versatility, efficiency and effortless food preparation to your kitchen


  • 500W motor


  • 2 speeds with pulse function


  • Pulse function for increased control when blending ingredients


  • Safety lock mechanism


  • Ideal for crushing ice, smoothies, cocktails, sauces and much more


  • Blends ingredients quicker and smoother to achieve desired consistency


  • Non-slip feet for added stability


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