Defy 8kg SteamCure Manhattan Grey Front Loader Washing Machine – DAW386




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8Kg SteamCure Front Loader

  • A Energy Efficiency

    Improved energy efficiency compared to A energy rating to save more on electricity costs and benefit the environment.

  • ProSmart Inverter Motor

    Smarter and simpler components mean a more efficient motor with less vibration. Power is not wasted in friction, resulting in a quieter system with a longer lifespan. Defy’s ProSmart Inverter Motor washing machines have a 10 year motor warranty.

  • AquaFusion Technology

    In regular machines, nearly 25% of the detergent is lost through the drain before interacting with the laundry. The Defy AquaFusion Technology blocks the tub outlet to keep all the detergent inside the washing tub, giving you perfect cleaning results.

  • Woolmark Technology

    With Woolmark approved wool programme, your washer has the precise water and drum control. Woolens are tumbled in water throughout the cycle. A high speed spinning programme then finalises the wash cycle leaving perfect results wash after wash.

When it comes to front loader washing machines, you can’t get better than the 8kg Defy SteamCure™ Washing Machine – the most energy-efficient device on the market. Defy’s SteamCure™ technology is specifically designed to lift dirt for enhanced cleaning, and softens all creases for easy ironing. This superior clean is achieved by introducing steam at the start of a wash cycle for an elevated temperature needed to remove heavy dirt, grass stains, pet hair, cigarette odour and any other allergen-inducing impurities. Steam is then brought in at the end of the cycle to reduce creasing before the wash ends. Quicker cycles, a better wash and less energy – all in one machine!



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