Samsung 713L BESPOKE French Door Refrigerator with Customisable Design – RF71A967535


  • Bespoke – Customizable Design
  • Flexible Storage
  • Beverage Center™


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BESPOKE RF71A967535 French Door Refrigerator with Customisable Design

BESPOKE. Designed
by you, for you.

Design meets innovation. You can adapt the door colours according to what you want.

Store all your favourite food in a fridge designed with next-level technology – to keep every texture fresh to taste.
The Bespoke fridge comes with enormous storage space, a superior cooling system with different compartment modes, a Beverage Centre and Dual Ice Maker. With a colour palette for your exterior taste to finish.

  1. Customisation – A personalized design panel, mix and match modules to suite lifestyles.
  2. Next Level Advanced Technology. – SmartThings™, Beverage centre™, Dual Auto ICE Maker.
  3. Superior cooling system – Triple Cooling, Metal Cooling, Flex Zone.
  4. Reliable – 10 Year warranty on inverter compressor volt control and energy efficient.