Whirlpool 60cm Induction Hob – ACM847/BA



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Whirlpool ACM 847/BA Hob
With no raised fittings, the ACM847/BA is topped with one smooth surface that makes cleaning as near as possible to being effortless. There are none of the awkward little nooks, crannies or removable parts that make cleaning a gas hob such a chore. The low operating heat means that spills don?t dry out or cook where they fall, letting you wipe them away in seconds!
The induction hob operates at a lower temperature than conventional designs because it heats the pan rather than the hob. This leads to faster cooking and a lower risk because the surface doesn?t get so hot. A residual heat indicator lights up with a warning until the hob has cooled to a temperature which is safe to touch.
Front mounted electronic controls and programmable timer are simple to use and make sure that you have complete control whilst cooking.
Child Lock
Heat Indicators
Easy Clean Top
Width of the product 580mm Depth of the product 510mm Height of the product 56mm Power on indicator Number of electric cooking zones 4 Main on/off switch Child Lock Heat Indicators Easy Clean Top