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Adaptable Surface Design


The MaxiSense® induction hob has self-sizing cooking zones. That means each zone detects the sizes and shapes of the pans you’re using, however large or small, and sends immediate heat to fit their bases exactly. So you have complete control, and the hob responds just the way you need it to.


Direct Touch Control


The Direct Touch controls on this hob help you get delicious results every time you cook. Slide controls let you turn the heat up, down or off with such accuracy that you get the response you want at just the right moment. So whatever mouth-watering meal you’re cooking, induction helps you make it just the way you want to.


Instant, Precise and Efficient Heat Control


With induction heating, your pan heats up faster so that you can bring water to the boil quicker than with any other type of hob. And it can also create such gentle heat that you can melt chocolate without a bain marie. It only heats the pan – and not the hob itself – which is more energy efficient, and ensures that the surrounding is safe to touch.

Revolutionary Kitchen Safety

Our intelligent induction technology heats pans and the food in them, but nothing else. The surface round the pans stays cool. So if you accidentally touch the hob near the pans while you’re cooking, your fingers are safe.

Clean as You Cook

Because the surface around the pans stays cool as you cook, you can get rid of spills as you go along. Nothing gets burnt on, and there’s nowhere for dirt to hide. So it’s easy to keep the hob area looking pristine – even while you’re still cooking.


Product Features

  • 4 Flexible Cooking Zones – The induction hob has self-sizing cooking zones to fit your pot perfectly.
  • Induction Technology – Start cooking the moment you put your pot on the stove. Waste less energy, save more money and keep your kitchen safe all with one appliance.
  • Residual heat indicators – Improved kitchen safety with the innovative new technology that lets you see which hob is still warm or hot
  • Slide Touch Control – Sleek and elegant design for intuitive heat control



Product Specifications

Frame type                                                      Bevelled 4 Sides

Dimensions WxD in mm                                 780×520

Built-in dimensions HxWxD in mm                 50x750x490

Total electricity loading (W)                            7400

Cord Length                                                    1.5

Hob safety                                                      Automatic Switch Off

Gas replacement                                            No

Gas replacement                                            No

Residual heating indicators                            7 Segments

LED colour                                                      Red

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