AEG 30L Microwave with Grill – MFG3026S-M



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AEG 30L Microwave with Grill – MFG3026S-M

Diversify your cooking options


This microwave is the perfect complement to your traditional oven. It widens the range of cooking options available, as well as providing extra oven space.


Microwave and Grill in any combination


You can use both the microwave and the grill function in any combination, giving you more possibilities when cooking the perfect meal.


Microwave even the largest dishes


Because this microwave oven has the same capacity as a standard oven, you can fit even larger dishes inside.


Perfect results at the touch of a button


Automatically programmed to deal with a range of different dishes and foods, this microwave oven will always offer you perfect results.

More Features

  • 8 Cooking Functions – More power to make even more interesting meals
  • Cook By Weight – Use just the right  amount of energy and save on your energy bills
  • Reheat Function – Make that cold dish piping hot again with just the touch of a button
  • Premium Design – Designed to look luxurious, engineered to work perfectly


Product Specifications

Maximum Microwave output (W)                                900

Maximum Grill output (W)                                           1100

No. of power levels                                                     10

Volume gross – Top oven                                           29.36

Noise                                                                           60

Dimensions HxWxD in mm                                        325x520x440

Cooking modes                                                          Grill|Microwave|Microwave & Grill

Cooking stages                                                           3

Frequency                                                                   50

Colour                                                                         Stainless Steel

Cavity material                                                            Painted steel

Voltage                                                                        230

Required Fuse                                                            20

Product Partner Code                                                 All Open

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