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Monster 2.4m HDMI + Ethernet Cable


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Monster 2.4m HDMI Ethernet Cable

Ultimate High Speed
– 4K Ultra HD TV needs speed to deliver an enormous amount of video data to your screen, fast.
– Black Platinum is the fastest cable out there, rated at 27Gbps-enough bandwidth for present and future formats.
– In fact, it carries our “Ultimate High Speed” label, meaning it’s our fastest HDMI cable.
This is how Ultra HD is meant to be seen.

Fluid Motion, Vivid Colours
– Black Platinum HDMI cable is capable of delivering a frame rate of up to 60/120HZ, along with 8-16 Bit Colour.
– This translates to fluid, filmlike images and vivid, saturated, and gorgeous onscreen images.
– Cables with less bandwidth might deliver 4K Ultra HD video, but will probably do so with 4K, 30/60Hz, 8-14 Bit Colour-meaning you don’t get 100% of the Ultra HD performance you paid for.

Loaded with Precision Monster Technology
– Black Platinum gets the royal treatment with Monster’s very best technology.
– 24K gold contacts offer better signal transfer.
– Patented Monster V-Grip technology ensures cables don’t accidentally loosen.
– Aluminized Mylar and copper braid shielding prevent interference. Black Platinum HDMI has all of this flagship Monster technology, and more.

Cable for Life
– Our Cable for Life guarantee means if technology outpaces our Black Platinum HDMI cable, we’ll replace it. Add to that our lifetime warranty and you really can’t lose.
– Monster Cable is on your side for life.

Monster High-Performance Legacy
– For the last 35 years, Monster has been pioneering advancements in the home audio and video.
– Driven by the purist of motives, Monster thrives on creating an experience that is as close to the real thing as possible.
– From our original speaker cable to this, the world’s most sophisticated Ultra HD HDMI cable, we’re making your music and movies look and sound extraordinary.

– Monster cables are the only HDMI cables certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) for high-resolution displays.

HDMI with Ethernet
– This all-in-one HDMI with Ethernet cable can share your Internet connection with multiple devices.
– No separate Ethernet cable needed.

Pull Quote
– Monster is the only HDMI cable certified by ISF for high resolution displays.
– Delivering every picture element accurately with Monster HDMI is a critical first step for ISF calibration

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