Kenwood 3-in-1 Electric Can Opener – CO600



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3 in 1 Can Opener CO600

About the Can Opener CO600

This smart, all-white can opener does more than make it quick and easy to open cans of soup, fruit and vegetables.

Electric Can Opener CO600 by Kenwood South Africa


The Can Opener CO600 will open cans of all shapes and sizes up to 1.2kg. It also features a handy knife sharpener and a built-in bottle opener.


The sharp, removable blade comes away for easy cleaning and the non-slip feet holds the can opener firmly on your worktop. The unit comes with a place to store extra cord, preventing any trailing flex from getting in your way.
  • Bottle opener

    Bottle opener

    Bottle opener is built in for secure and easy removal of bottle tops..

  • Non-slip feet

    Non-slip feet

    Non-slip feet keeps the opener securely in position for extra stability and safety.

  • Automatic start/stop

    Automatic start/stop

    Automatic start/stop – hands free action means the blade starts cutting with a light push of the lever and stops when the lid is removed.

  • Integral knife sharpener

    Integral knife sharpener

    For sharpening knives safely and effectively.



    General specifications

    • Body material:Plastic
    • Colour:White
    • Guarantee:Yes
    • Size (cm):23.5 x 13.5 x 13.5
    • Wattage:40w
    • Weight:1.1kg


    • Bottle opener:Yes
    • Cord storage:Yes
    • Non slip feet:Yes