Grundig Fully Integrated 54cm 309L Larder Fridge – GSMI25730FN




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Grundig 54cm Int Larder Fridge 309L – GSMI25730FN

Antibacterial Seal
In order to guarantee maximum hygiene inside the refrigerator, the door gaskets are coated with an antibacterial seal that eliminates bacteria.

VitaminCare Zone
VitaminCare Zone EN

Anti-Odour Filter
A special photocatalytic carbon filter eliminates bacteria and maintains consistently high hygiene by preventing bacteria build-up and fridge odours.

LED Illumination
The white LED lights provide efficient and cleaner lighting with a more aesthetic look inside your fridge.
Holiday Mode
When you go on holiday, you can put the fresh food compartment on standby to reduce energy consumption. The temperature will be kept at 15°C or lower while the freezer keeps running.

0-3°C Super Fresh Zone
0-3°C Super Fresh Zone EN

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