DNA 14.5L Airfryer Oven – DNAAF000




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DNA Airfryer Oven

The DNA Airfryer Oven is designed as an All-in-One Airfryer, Oven, Dehydrator, Rotisserie and Toaster. The Glass Touch-Control Panel and Stainless Steel Casing with 14.5L Capacity make it a high-end Multi-Cooker with exceptional Quality finishes and built to last. Choose from either Manual Porgramming or Automatic Functions for all of your favourite foods. Enjoy healthier food with up to 80% less fat made in half the time to a conventional oven. Roast a full chicken, grill your favourite steak, air fry chips, bake your favourite cake or treat, grill fresh hake and seafood, dehydrate fruit for that healthy alternative lunchbox snack and even make popcorn!

Airfryer Oven Specifications:
• Airfryer Type: Airfryer Oven
• Motor Power Output: 1700 Watts
• Control Panel: Glass Digital Touch-Screen
• Material: Stainless Steel Housing, Heating Element and Internal Caviity
• Capacity: 14.5L
• Temperature Controller: 40 – 220°C
• Timer: 60 Minutes
• Rotation ability: 360°
• Includes Airfryer Oven, 1 x Frying Basket, 1 x Baking Tray, 1 x Frying Tray, 1 x Dehydrator Rack, 2 x Mesh Baskets, 1 x Rotisserie Skewer and Fork, 1 x Rolling Cage, 1 x Wall Panel, 1 x High Rack, 1 x Drip Tray