Defy 20l Silver Solo Model Microwave – DMO383




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20L Solo Model – DMO383

With a digital programmer and 6 power levels, this 700 watt microwave is ideal when you need dinner in a hurry. Its digital programmer allows you to easily set the cooking time for your food, while Its stylish display lets you track the remaining time at a quick glance. Taking up less space in your kitchen, the compact size allows you to place the microwave anywhere you like while still offering 20 litres of cooking capacity.

If you’re looking for a microwave that has the latest in cooking technology as well as a beautifully sleek design, then the Defy 20l Solo Model Microwave is really your best bet. This 700-watt microwave comes with six power levels, so you’re able to effortlessly prepare any dish in no time at all. It’s a compact design with a mirror glass finish, digital display and electronic control, making it both unobtrusive yet eye-catching at the same time. This is the perfect home addition for small-to-medium-sized kitchens, with the ability to prepare meals of almost any size. Defy microwaves are the modern kitchen’s must-have accessory.


  • 20L capacity
  • Solo microwave
  • Electronic control
  • Digital display
  • 6 power level
  • 700W power output
  • Preset menu programs
  • Cooking end signal
  • Interior cavity: grey painted
  • Silver finish
  • Mirror glass door
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 466 x 268 x 362mm
  • 2-year guarantee