Kenwood BLP610WH Blend-X Classic Blender



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Using leading edge MultizoneTM blades, the Kenwood Blend-X Classic is a blender that not only brings stylish design to any kitchen, with a strong 800W motor it delivers up to 25% better results when preparing smoothies, frozen desserts, sauces, purees and soups. It features a dishwasher-safe goblet made from special ThermoresistTM Glass, so that steaming hot soups or iced drinks can be prepared with complete confidence. Blend-X Classic is available with a fully variable speed dial for those who like to precisely
control the texture of their food themselves, and additionally with special pre-programmed settings for complete ease of use and peace of mind. Not only does it have the looks to impress, it has the performance to match.
MultiZoneTM Blades:
The MultiZoneTM Blades, along with the shape of the goblet, provide precision blending able to crush, smooth, mix and of course blend to the desired texture.
The variable speed control allows you to blend ingredients to the texture you want. On some models at the touch of a button you can create drinks, crush ice and even rinse using the 3 pre-set programmes. Each programme has a unique blending pattern that will stop automatically when the programme is complete giving meticulous results.
ThermoresistTM Glass Goblet:
What’s more, the ThermoresistTM glass goblet can withstand temperatures from boiling to freezing and  the 4 ribs further enhance blending performance. So whether you want to create healthy smoothies, hearty soups or crush ice for cocktails the revolutionary Blend-X Classic has it all.Key features:

– Powerful 800W motor
– MultiZone™ Blade Technology
– 3 pre-set programmes: Blend, Crush Ice and Rinse
– Variable speed and pulse
– 1.6L Thermoresist glass goblet
– Dishwasher safe