AEG 395L Stainless Steel Full Fridge – RKB64021DX



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Product information

  • With a cooling capacity of 387 liters, it’s a spacious single-door fridge.
  • Thanks to the mid-range build quality, it’ll last a long time.
  • The stainless-steel fridge door doesn’t damage easily, so it always looks neat.
  • Doesn’t have a fresh zone to keep your groceries fresh longer.


The AEG RKB64021DX fridge has plenty of space to hold groceries for 5 people or more. Thanks to its 387-liter cooling capacity, this fridge is more spacious than comparable fridges. Place your bottles of soda or wine in the included bottle rack. This way, they won’t start rolling and will stay in place. The fridge features a total of 5 shelves on which you can place your food. The bottom of the cooling compartment has 2 drawers for fruit and vegetables. When you’re putting your groceries in the fridge, the temperature of the fridge will temporarily drop. This way, your new groceries will quickly cool and stay fresh for longer.